About the Artist

kathy's photo

Kathy Klawans Smith is a Carmel-by-the-Sea native and a practicing landscape architect. On a visit to Europe she fell in love with the Murano glass she discovered in Venice and the sparkling Swarovski crystal she saw in Prague.

Back home in her own paradise, she started searching for similar pieces and couldn’t find them anywhere. So she started making her own jewelry using both Murano and Swarovski beads. She uses glass micro-beads which give necklaces the appearance of being strung on very delicate sparking chains. Since starting the jewelry-making era of her life, she has gone on to make one-of-a-kind and limited edition genuine Murano, Venetian, and Swarovski jewelry, as well as dramatic statement pieces from shaped beads made in Japan, the Czech Republic, and Austria.

Venice in the Valley designs are so versatile they can be dressed up or down. Our jewelry is beautiful adorning a bride or perfect accompanying your most comfortable jeans. Our glass necklaces, bracelets and earrings are very sturdy because they’re strung on 49-strand bead wire and include wire guards at the clasps’ stress points.

Jewelry and ornaments can be special ordered ~ please contact us and we can work together to bring your dreams to reality.

Selected jewelry designs by artists Linda Richmond and Helena Tang-Lim.


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